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Solid colors only for all items except for approved Lands End plaid

Required for Hybrid days – Farmington Hills – Tues & Thurs; Highland – Wednesday only

For ALL Grades (exceptions noted)

  • Short or long-sleeve shirt with collar – white, light blue, dark red (burgandy optional)- must be worn tucked in
  • Navy pants or shorts. Twill/khaki type fabric. No denim or athletic material. (Belts are not required.)
  • Navy skirt or skort or plaid skirt (Lands End CLASSIC NAVY PLAID) (Grades 6-8 only)
  • Navy or plaid jumper (Lands End CLASSIC NAVY PLAID) (Grades K-5 only)
  • Navy polo dress short or long sleeve
  • Navy or dark gray cheer shorts, leggings, or tights must be worn under skirts, jumpers, or dresses
  • All shorts, skirts, jumpers, and dresses must be student’s fingertip length or longer
  • Navy, dark red (burgandy optional), or medium-gray vest, sweater, or fleece if desired (no hoods or sweatshirts)
  • Navy, medium-gray, or white socks
  • Any color closed-toe shoes or tennis shoes, no heeled shoes. No boots. (6th-8th grade may have up to 1 in heel)
  • No logos or images on clothing other than the RHA logo available through Land’s End
  • No Denim
  • Dark Red can be found at Old Navy (Crimson Cranberry); Gap (Red Delicious); Children’s Place (Redwood)
  • For family cost savings, uniforms meeting the above requirements may be purchased through the family’s preferred store or vendor

Uniform Shops