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Hybrid Program

RHA Information – Hybrid Program in Farmington Hills

Grades K-8; new enrollment grades K-7

Renaissance Hybrid Academy (RHA) blends the joys and family closeness of homeschooling with the benefits of engaging, hands-on, structured group instruction.

Our hybrid model is a blend of seated and at-home learning, enabling families to have a more direct connection with their student’s education while also allowing for quality family time, field trips, park days, etc.  

Home Learning Days

Parents or guardians are “Learning Coaches” on Home Learning Days. The expectation is that students have 2-3 days of Home Learning to complete each week (dependent on student learning style). RHA provides families with the textbooks, materials, and instructional manuals needed to assist each student in their core subjects.  

Learning Coaches are directly involved in their student’s core subject learning and have the flexibility to schedule their Home Learning hours each day to serve their families best. Learning Coaches ensure that students are fully prepared for each Onsite Learning Day. 

The Learning Coach’s assistance and oversight are critical for Home Learning Days.

On-site Learning Days

Professional instructors work with students in a classroom setting on Onsite Learning Days. Small class sizes enable instructors to know each student well. Utilizing a blend of classical, traditional, and project-based learning, RHA focuses on offering educational opportunities for each student to be well-prepared for their next learning level. A strong focus on social/emotional/character development is also integral to this program.

Students attend in-person core classes on Tuesday and Thursday from 9 am-1:25 pm and may choose electives (also in person) on Monday, Tuesday & Thursday, and/or Friday. Students who are enrolled in Renaissance Players attend that program on Wednesday. 

Renaissance Academy is a drop-off program with trained staff onsite. Students are expected to maintain appropriate behavior at all times.

Our group and our classes are structured so that families of differing political and faith views will feel comfortable and respected. We are not political and are neither a religious group nor a secular group.

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RHG reserves the right to refuse enrollment or participation to anyone for any reason except on the basis of any legally protected status.​