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When I first started homeschooling, one of the first questions I would hear is “You can do that?”

Some inquiring had a hard time wrapping their brain around the fact that not only is it legal to homeschool in all 50 states, but many states, like Michigan, put parental rights in the forefront of education and homeschooling laws.

Michigan laws today are the same as they were when I started homeschooling nearly twenty years ago. Even so, they are still often misunderstood, even among current homeschoolers.

With the closure of schools and families suddenly thrust into overseeing the education of their children at home, it is bringing additional awareness to homeschooling, what it is and isn’t, and how families can explore this option.

To address these questions, we’ve started a video series to inform and share. The first addresses the question, “How do I legally homeschool in Michigan?” If this is a question you are getting asked by curious friends and family members, feel free to share the video with them.

How to Legally Homeschool in Michigan

Are you regularly getting asked other questions about homeschooling or have some questions of your own? Please submit your question to and it may be featured in one of our upcoming videos in our “How to Homeschool” series!