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Class Structure and Expectations

We’ve found that high-quality classes, plus high expectations for behavior, equals a happy group.

Our students have fun while learning together and are expected to be kind and respectful at all times when participating in Renaissance Academy programs, classes, and/or events. In addition, any assigned homework is to be completed on time and to the best of a student’s ability.

Renaissance Homeschool Group has minimum and maximum class sizes in order to optimize the learning experience for our students. These sizes vary depending on the age group of students and the particular class, with most classes ranging from 12-16 students.

Academic and Enrichment Classes

RHG offers both academic and enrichment classes. Our Class Schedules provide a good overview of the types of classes we typically offer each year.

For all classes, students are expected to participate appropriately and complete all homework assignments on time and to the best of their ability.

Academic classes increase in rigor with grade level and at all levels are intended to help prepare students for whatever their next level of study might be.

The Course Description for each class describes expectations and other important details.