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RA Parent Comments

Our neighborhood kids party and scream and shout with joy on their last day of school before the holiday vacation. Mine cried. Thank you Renaissance Academy for encouraging a love and excitement for learning.

I couldn't be happier with how much RA helped prepare my students for their next steps of Dual Enrollment (Community College) classes during high school and an extremely challenging 4 year university. RA's high expectations for student behavior and homework quality led to my students "stepping up" and rising to the challenge with academics as well as time management and other important academic support skills.

As a homeschool mom I take my job very seriously. It has been a trial and error experience to find homeschool groups that meet my family's expectations. We are so pleased to have found RHG to be superior in their field! RHG runs a very well organized and highly effective program. Educational and social expectations have been met and exceeded!!

Making periscopes, learning how to paint life in a person's eye, learning to use "ly" words and strong verbs, what are DaVinci's contributions to us today? Just a few recent examples of why we love our RA teachers!

I came braced on the first day of classes for some degree of chaos, but everything was, and has been to this day, well organized in our experience with Renaissance Academy. The classes are run in a timely and well prepared manner. When the bells chime, it's time for class.

I am glad for the independence and responsibility encouraged in terms of changing classes and checking online for homework.

My children took classes with several other homeschool groups before being lucky enough to come to RHG. We all appreciate that my kids can be in class with other children who are excited to participate and can be counted on to come with homework completed. We love that students arrive well prepared so that everyone in the class can be actively engaged and move forward together with their learning. We are also grateful to the administrators for having high standards for behavior.

My child is EXCITED to go to class each week. Honestly, I am glad that my involvement is limited to a pre-assigned opportunity to serve as a lunch/recess monitor, or as set-up/break down helper only a few times during the semester. With some other "co-ops", my child's participation is contingent on my willingness to serve every week teaching, aiding, or baby monitoring. It is nice to have a small window in my busy week, where I know my homeschooler is getting a quality learning experience with other kids and I can be free to do whatever I want/need to do.

I'm grateful for the quality of teachers and the rapport the teachers have with my student. The teachers and administrators are diligent in response to email inquiries and are friendly and kind in person.

We have tried other homeschool groups in the past, but the classes have not been of a high enough quality to interrupt our curriculum and activities at home. At RHG, my kids have their favorite classes of the week, and they come home talking about all that they've learned. I've seen an amazing transformation of my son, who runs off to class and doesn't see me again until hours later.