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Quick Links for Current Families

Program Closure Days

  • If Farmington Public Schools are closed due to road conditions, then RA will be closed.
  • Oxford Closing has no bearing on RA closing

If RA must close for ANY reason:

  • Families will be notified via text message via Remind
  • Major media will carry closing info
  • Classes will likely be held at their usual time via Zoom.

Report Absence – Click Here

Students are not permitted to attend RA in person if:

  • They have had a fever or vomited in the prior 24 hours
  • They have a serious cough or cold, or anything contagious.
  • They have been exposed to someone who has an illness for which immunizations are recommended, they do not have that immunization, and they are within the incubation period.

If a student appears too ill to be in class, we will call the parent to come and pick him/her up.

Renaissance reserves the right to keep any student out of class, and require a parent/guardian to pick them up if there is a question regarding their health or the health/well-being of others.